Dance Beginnings

Especially for 6yrs and Under

PRE- DANCE (Level 1)…… Recommended for students 3-4yrs. This 1 hour class is what we like to call our “Dance Taster” Includes various styles such as Jazz, Ballet and Tap all in the one lesson and all in a creative learning environment with props and music to enhance the class. Loads of Fun for this age group!

Pre- Dance

PRE- DANCE (Level 2)…… There are 2 classes on offer at this level. Combined Jazz/Tap class and a Ballet/Lyrical class. The students are developing more technique so more time is spent on each style. Recommended for 5-6yrs of age students can choose either one or both classes. If choosing both, the class schedule is split over the week so as to not overload children at this age commencing school.

Pre- Dance

Core Classes

*If doing multiple styles, students must choose same level *

Junior Program: 8yrs and Under

Intermediate Program: 10yrs and Under

Senior Program: 13yrs and Under

Open/Advanced Program – Highest level

Classical Ballet…… The classes are designed to develop a good sense of technique in the students’ as well as retain a strong sense of enjoyment. There is a focus on posture, poise as well as artistry. Based on the Australian Teachers of Dance Syllabus (ATOD) & Royal Academy of Dance (RAD).

Classical Ballet

Modern Jazz/Hip Hop… Classes consist of warm up exercises followed by combinations and routines in both the Modern Jazz and Hip Hop styles. This popular class is upbeat and rewarding for those looking for a fun and energetic class. Technical elements are based on the Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) syllabus.

Modern Jazz/Hip Hop

Tap Dancing… Classes consist of Warm up & Technique at the Barre and Centre Combinations. Students learn exciting technique relevant to their age & level such as turns, intricate rhythms and the ability to develop routines. Tap Dancing takes on specific technical requirements and is based on the Glenn Wood Tap Syllabus.

Tap Dancing

Specialty Classes

After something a bit more? Check out these classes below!

BOYS CLUB…. This class gives boys the opportunity to develop in a “Boys Only” atmosphere. This class consists of warm up exercises followed by hip hop and combination routines. This mixed age class also allows for mentoring amongst the students. Heaps of Fun!

Boys club

CONTEMPORARY… Contemporary dance is a style that explores the natural energy and emotions of a dancer through the use of floor work, partner work and other forms of dance technique. Can be undertaken from 10yrs +. Students with minimal experience with Contemporary are to undertake the Foundation class and will proceed to the Advanced Class at the discretion of the teacher.


PERFORMANCE TROUPE… Our Production Class! This is where it all comes together. Students need to attend at least 2 classes p.w. with at least one being a Core Class to be eligible. The troupe will get extra performance opportunities and great sense of belonging to a team. For the Dancer that can’t get enough! 1 ½ hr class……Package Prices available! From 7yrs+

Cheer Classes

All Star Cheer… Mini Squad and Youth Squad at our Friday afternoon Club. Incorporates Dance, Tumbling, Stunts and Jumps in the session. Technique and Fun all at the same time.

All Star Cheer